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Title: The Adventures of Spaceman Aiden Lee - A whole new world.
Author: fahrenheit
Rating: G
Pairing: HaeMin
Genre: Crack. Srsly.
Note: 8bitgirlsbravo and I don't own them blah blah blah. Boram is ours, though. (No, this isn't chapter 2. This is what you would call a "filler.")

"Spaceman Aiden Lee reporting. Stardate, January 9th, 3007. I think." Our hero and protagonist, Aiden Lee, looked down from the heavens to the blue waters. He was alone on this mission because Madam Lee was busy in the chambers taking care of Baby Boram. "Everything seems fine here... the alien human like creatures seem to be reacting well..." He stared into the water, looking for any dead bodies or suspicious being making for a suspenseful plot twist.

"It's... raining. I need to put this in my log. Very interesting... the water seems to turn green when introduced to the rain. Acid imbalance? Not livable environments in case the the eye eaters from Pluto invade and destroy earth? This can be very useful... Ahhhhh~~~~ yes..."

Aiden Lee then zipped up his pants and smiled, flushing the toliet. Sadly for the little lego people of planet toilet, they stood no chance against toiletron3000's flush system.
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