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Title: The adventures of Spaceman Aiden Lee – Chapter 1: Let There be Chocolate!
Author(s): chanbanana & kyuhyun
Pairing: HaeMin and mentions of KangSung lovin'
Rating: PG-13…? Few naughty words and such.
Genre: crack from the future! For realz.
Note: This was written over AIM, because we're special. Any spelling errors are our own. We don't own them blah blah blah. Boram is ours, though.

"Stardate 3007. I'm currently going to the kitchen to get a snack. Preferably shrinkwrapped chocolate from my native time period. I wonder if this mess has it..." Our hero, Aiden Lee, hummed as he opened the wooden cupboard. Without any warning the brunette pointed into the dark crevasse. "Hark! The chocolate from the gods?! Madam Lee! Look! Chocolate from our time!" Madam Lee looked at the chocolate and quickly pocketed it, as if he was a drug addict awaiting his blow because his dealer was an hour late.

Aiden Lee and Madam Lee stood in the kitchen, awaiting for the mothership to give them their next assignment. "Why is Captain Eeteuk taking forever to text me back! He should know well that we are on a tight schedule" He fumed into the pink razr which in turn ignored him and went blank. Madam Lee poked around the cupboard to see if he could find any chocolate gold, but abruptly stopped his mission as he felt an enemy or something equally evil approach. "...Aiden! What is that?"

They both turned in slow motion towards the entry way of the Room of Eating and watched in growing horror as a strange creature moved into their area. Madam Lee gasped and held his hands over his mouth and gazed upon the being with fear. "It's...it's...a deadly man eater!!" He flailed and hid himself behind his Spaceman companion, head popping up and gazing at the doorway and its occupant. Aiden Lee took what he thought was a fearsome pose and waited.

"What are you two doing?" They froze, hoping whatever the strange creature was, would ignore them if they stayed in place. The being sighed and moved towards the suspended animation box, ignoring both the explorers. Madam Lee inhaled sharply as it opened the food holding device and pulled out a plate of what looked like mini trees smothered in yellow goo, and slammed the door shut. It turned to stare at the two as if examining them for food qualities, then left the kitchen without a sound.

Madam Lee looked over Aiden Lee's shoulder the best he could, and shot a glare at him. Repeated, he beat him with his 'purse,' "W..What was that all about, Aiden Lee! He could have EATEN ME. You're supposed to protect your wife, not stand there like a mime stuck in an auto auction! Some Spaceman you are... not even thinking about baby Boram." Madam Lee craddled the white stuffed rabbit with checkered pink&white bows lacing it's ears. "...Boram is looking a lot more like her father each day though!" He smiled, still craddling their first born.. or at that's how Madam Lee insisted it.

That damn annoying chime thing razrs do when one gets a text message sounded it's alarmed and sent Spaceman Aiden Lee digging into his pockets. Quickly he scrolled down the list of messaged to his newest one. "Ahahah, the captain said... for.. us to leave him alone. Some captain he is." He pouted, re-shoving the phone back into his crammed pockets filled with "the loot." He was disappointed, but this meant he could go on his own missions today!

As if in tune with the apartment, our hero Aiden Lee cooed his wife into silence, pointing into the hallway. The two crept down the hallway, each holding onto one of adorable little Boram's hands. They needed to find their next mission, and this one would be in his wife's bedroom. They continued to slither down the hallway, going unnoticed by the Captain and Evil Queen Heechul conversing about some show in the living room. The door slowly creaked open as the two boys started crawling into the bedroom. There was definitely evil afoot, and Madam Lee could feel it burning in his blood. Oh wait, no, it was just the loot melting in his pants. "....aaaaah~" he made a small noise before the younger boy practically jumped him, clasping his hand over the other's mouth. "Shhh~ aliens..."

"More of them?" Well, that was what Madam Lee was attempting to say. It came out more like "Mmphraghuh?" due to the hands over his mouth. He was shushed again and the hands removed themselves. Spaceman Aiden Lee poked his head up over the end of the bed...only to immediately duck it back down. His eyes were wider than dinner plates when he turned to his faithful wife to whisper, "I think we've come upon mating aliens!" He whispered. The hero pointed to the space under the bed that would fit a person or two, and disappeared under it. Madam Lee followed after shoving Boram into his shirt and the two strained to hear what was being said by the aliens above them.

"Goddammit Yehsung, this is the first time we've been able to find 'alone time', and you're telling me I have to bottom?"

Yehsung's coy grin was pissing Kangin off and with a huff, the younger boy groaned, "fuck this, man" Madam Lee instantly covered Boram's ears in his shirt. "Ok. I will," Yehsung replied.

Spaceman Aiden Lee showed no fear and he popped out from under the bed unnoticed to snap a picture of the couple on the bed beginning the mating ritual. However, he went noticed as he noticed he forgot to turn his volume off. "Oh fucking hell you HAVE to be kidding me," Yehsung growled as Kangin's nerve was lost completely, "DONGHAE GET THE FUCK OUT."

"My name isn't Donghae, it's AIDEN LEE, Spaceman Aiden Lee!" Yehsung facepalmed as the other boy and stuffed rabbit tried to sneak out from under the bed. "I'm getting my own apartment, and I will have time with my boyfriend without this happening. Ugh"

Aiden Lee and his lovely wife found themselves back in headquarters moments later, who knew mating aliens could be so...bitchy. Aiden Lee crawled into the 'Secret Hideout' that was made up of chairs, pillows and blankets stolen off of the beds of strange beings from the outer reaches of space...and the dining room and linen closet. His faithful and loving wife followed him in and Madam Lee flicked on the hanging light source.

"So should we eat the chocolate now, or save it in case a solar storm overtakes us again?" Madam Lee pulled his share of the chocolate from his pockets and deposited them in the middle of the floor, and our hero did the same. Madam Lee then adjusted Boram so the bunny's head was sticking out of his shirt and nestled under his chin.

"Hmmm...we should eat it quick before the Jabbamonster sniffs it out!" Aiden Lee proclaimed, posing just right.

Chapter 1 complete! 8V
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